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A design practice specialising in gardens, landscapes, experiential spaces, sets, art & sculpture.

Design & Project Management for:

Gardens & landscapes - from small private spaces through to larger landscapes. This includes full or partial redesigns to revive and regenerate your existing garden.Experiential design - stage & set design, exhibitions, live events, and immersive environments.Art & sculpture - Bespoke artworks and installations. Painting, sculpture and design.
Design, Production, Installation, Project Management for any part of your project...

Our team work both in-house and in collaboration with architects, artists, horticulturists, builders & landscapers, interior designers, stonemasons, woodworkers and a host of master craftspeople to create beautiful and inspiring spaces for you to enjoy.

Garden design & landscapes

Any of the following as required:

straightforward advice & practical design ideassite evaluation & surveyconcept designspartial redesign / refreshfull masterplansmaterials specificationplanting designplant supplyproject managementinstallation

A note on gardens ...

In an ever more hectic world you need somewhere to relax. A private space to call your own - a place to think your own thoughts, stepping out from the pressures of your everyday obligations, and to simply be yourself.

For some people, this means having a tranquil place to enjoy in peace - for others it's a garden for entertaining and enjoying with family and friends, or for making a home for nature, or for growing your own produce.

Whatever your ideal garden, we will help you achieve it by creating a design that meets your specific needs while fulfilling your idea of a little piece of paradise, whatever that means to you personally.

There are many different types of people and so there are many different types of garden. We all have different expectations and ideas - and if we are honest, different budgets available to use on creating your ideal outside space. It's important to spend your time and money wisely to get you as close as possible to the garden you picture yourself enjoying when you close your eyes and imagine it.

People have always been connected to the land around them and the environment in which they live. With our increasingly busy lives, now more than ever, we need gardens to reconnect us to the world around us, giving us a sense of place and belonging by creating what I see as the most important room in the home.

If you'd like to discuss a possible garden project, no matter how large or small, please contact us here.

Current ///

Full design for a contemporary town back garden with a jungle feel.


Rejuvenating a cottage garden next to a Cotswold stone house.


Design for an easy to maintain, family garden with a focus on entertaining.


Design masterplan for a productive, family garden of ‘Hops & Crops'.

Experiential spaces

Design, creative & technical production, installation, logistics, and project / production management for stages, sets, art installations, immersive events, exhibitions, festivals, theatre, live music, performances and gatherings.

Due to the diverse nature of projects we work with our clients in many different ways including:

project & production managementcreative & technical productionstage & set designset dressing & prop making / hiresound design / projection / lightingart & sculptural installationsexperiential event design
Some of our clients:

Opera North, Latitude Festival, Royal Opera House, Southbank Centre, London, The Sage, Gateshead, Rugby World Cup, O2, UK Gov, Glastonbury Festival, The Lowry, Millennium Square, Leeds. Oxford University. MOMA.


I'd love to discuss your project - be it a new garden design, reviving an old plot, or working on your next art exhibition or event installation.

We are also available for comment, discussion and media enquiries.

Whatever you have in mind - please get in touch below:

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